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Circular Valley
Connecting the dots
- Access to Circular Valley® network
- Validation of business model by experts
- Individual coaching & mentoring
- Access to Circular Valley® network
- Development and establishment of circular business models for companies
- Cross-industry, -technology & -value chain cooperation of companies
- Access to Circular Valley® network
- Outlet for scientific innovation
- Interdisciplinary & cross-location cooperation
- Access to Circular Valley® network
- Cross ministry collaboration on circular economy
- Practical implementation of political policies and strategies
- Access to conferences and forums
- Applying & testing the suitability of circular solutions for everyday use
- Provision of inputs and ideas for circular products ("voice of the customer")
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2024 - 2021
Circular Valley Forum 2023
Those keen to meet the climate targets and pave the way for sustainable management no longer think linearly, but in cycles. The circular economy is an important contribution to our effort to implement the ambitious climate and sustainability goals whilst future-proofing our economic success and the job sector. Circular Valley® is the right platform for business and the wider community to forge ahead on this path, and is already gaining quite a reputation far beyond North Rhine-Westphalia's borders.

Patron Circular Valley
Mona Neubaur,
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy
of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Foto: ©Land NRW/Ralph Sondermann

Empowering Start-ups
Promoting a Circular Economy is at the core of the European Green Deal as communicated in 2019 and further detailed in strategies for the various policy areas in 2020 and the CEAP.

The CEAP is a central building block of the EU Green Deal. Its overall aim is the reduction/elimination of pollution, i.e. emission streams of all kinds with a negative impact on the environment.

We are looking for start-ups with concrete ideas/inventions that help accomplish this ambition. Focus is on designing out waste, production technologies with minimized environmental impact, marking technologies, product passports, tracking & tracing, collection, separation of waste streams, waste logistics, re-use models, novel recycling technologies, novel service models and digital enabling technologies.

Our industry focus in line with the EU Green Deal and CEAP is electronics, information and communication technology, batteries and vehicles, packaging, plastics, textiles, construction and buildings, furniture, high impact intermediary products (steel, cement, chemicals), food, water and nutrients. Additionally, we are broadly looking for innovations that support re-use of composite materials.

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