TraWeBa is short for Transformation-HUB Value Chain Battery. It is an association of various partners from all over Germany to solve a key energy issue. Circular Valley® is one of the TraWeBa partners.

Transformation-HUB Value Chain Battery
The Automotive Cluster of Eastern Germany, the Automotive Agency of Lower Saxony, the Initiative for Innovation and Location of the Saarland and four Fraunhofer Institutes are the prominent partners with whom Circular Valley® is now launching a very exciting project called TraWeBa. The cross-state consortium will develop a concept to enable knowledge and technology transfer along the battery value chain. This equally unusual and important approach is being funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate.

Circular Valley® is a perfect partner for this project as those involved are aiming to close the loop: they want to ensure that the chemical raw materials used in the battery can be reused. This means that they want to make production more sustainable and enable good recycling. "Circular Valley® will contribute its experience in addition to its expertise in circularity. There have already been several startups in our accelerator program that have developed concepts on how to give batteries a second, third and fourth life," says Andreas Mucke, managing director of Circular Economy Accelerator GmbH and responsible for TraWeBa at Circular Valley®.

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