Waste to Wealth minimizes plastic leakage in Tanzania by establishing a recycling plant and creating highly recyclable plastic products.
Waste to Wealth is addressing solid waste management in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. While tree planting initiatives have been successful in rural areas, urban environmental pollution, particularly from plastic waste, needs urgent attention. The city generates vast amounts of municipal solid waste, with inadequate collection and disposal systems. Plastic waste is a significant concern due to its high per capita generation and low recycling rates, contributing to health risks and climate change.
Aligned with strategic plans and Sustainable Development Goals, the project aims to achieve sustainable waste management, creating employment opportunities and addressing environmental and health issues. Objectives include reducing plastic leakage, promoting recycling, and enhancing waste disposal practices. Anticipated results include improved public awareness, establishment of recycling facilities, and economic benefits from waste management activities.

Implementation involves collaboration with stakeholders, including local authorities and communities. Monitoring and evaluation will ensure project effectiveness, with a focus on gender equality and environmental conservation. Sustainability is ensured through revenue generation from recycled products and ongoing collaboration with local authorities beyond the project phase. Required inputs include manpower, finances, land, materials, and expertise, with preparations underway for implementation.