Circular Valley Forum 2023: DemoDay Batch#5
Press materials for free use
Ourobio produces PHAs and pigments through fermentation using side streams of whey from cheese and joghurt processing. The used microbes are unique in their ability to produce two complementary biomaterials in a single fermentation process.

BioTreasure has developed small and decentralized biogas plants. BioTreasure's system allows consumers to convert their organic waste into energy and organic fertilizers.

Widuz produces bamboo construction materials for the construction (e.g. beams) and furniture industry.

Voodin Blade Technology
Wind turbine blades are currently not recyclable and require a lot of manual labour to manufacture. Voodin Blades has developed rotor blades made of recyclable LVL wood.

Almost all electronic waste in Ecuador is currently not recycled. VERTMONDE provides an all-in-one solution for refurbishment, reuse, renting and recycling of electronic equipment throughout Ecuador.

Smart Watering Solutions
Smart Watering Solutions produces an AI-driven automated system for smart irrigation and fertilisation with in-field devices and an app.

QuadLoop produces a solar powered lamp made out of 70 % recycled electronic waste. For every Quadloop lantern producted, 2.5 kg of e-waste is prevented from going into landfills.

To replace plastic packaging in the long term, one.five produces individually developed and paper based packaging solutions for the customer (e.g. Overwrappers, Food Supplements, Confectionaries).

Niu Niu
NIU NIU manages e-waste using standardized processesuses and AI to ensure a fair and clean supply chain (collection, dismantling and export) of critical minerals.

Microwave Solutions
Microwave Solutions addresses challenges related to recycling complex composites, gases and liquids. Microwave Solutions uses selective depolymerisation by harnessing microwave energy strategically for heteregenous reaction for molecular recycling.

Mi Terro
To reduce microplastic and hunger, Mi Terro engineers low-value biomass (plant- or animal-based) waste into high-value biopolymers.

Frawo Modul
(Kohlschein Modulbau)
Kohlschein Modulbau produces "Frawo modules", making it possible to use biogenic concrete for massive construction.

Circu Li-ion
By 2030, the EU will have the second largest demand for batteries worldwide. With an already paying customer base, Circu Li-ion gives used batteries a second life.

Blue Activity
BlueActivity provides an alternative for the operation of open cooling systems. They replace chemically toxic biocides to 100% by using natural non genetically modified microorganisms.