• If the lifespan of laptops in Germany increased from 5 to 10 years, consumers would save ~30 EUR/year and avoid 860k tonnes of CO2e annually on a national level.

• Repairing laptops will become easier with right to repair laws as spare parts will be easier to source.

Regular maintenance of laptops (e.g. defragmentation, deleting temporary files etc) help increase lifespan.

Leasing laptops is a way to enjoy high quality products for a much lower up-front fee and typically includes repair and maintenance as part of price. It's more convenient too.

• Giving old laptops to charities or selling them to repair shops is a good way of extending life of unwanted devices.
Did you know?
Even if a new laptop uses around 10% less energy than the old one, it would have to remain in service for between 33 - 80 years in order to compensate for the energy consumed in its manufacture.